What’s The Story Behind The Dallas Performance World Record Video?


Trash talking, under the table bets, public callouts, and genuine grudge races are standard everyday operation in the runway racing community. It is almost a way of tribute to the sports’ deep roots in illegal exotic street racing. From time to time, this will manifest in the form of a “shop rivalry”, which can range from lighthearted frenemy banter to all-out social media and forum flame wars. The cleverly arranged and exciting example of one such rivalry that we have today is more of the former variety. Let there be no doubt however, these shops are among the most competitive in the entire aftermarket industry.

The Backstory: The October 2015 Texas Invitational ushered in a new era for Airfield Racing that sent a message- 2,000hp is now the price for a seat at the table in the highest echelon of competition. Leading up to this event long-time airfield competitor and Dallas resident, Trent Huffman, was making the customary pre-TI callouts against the Bob Helms himself. Specifically, Trent called for a rerun between his Dallas Performance built Audi R8GT and Bob Helms’ Underground Racing built Lamborghini Gallardo after a previous match that Trent saw the tail-light end of. A friendly bet was made, and the date was set.

Unfortunately for Trent and Dallas Performance, the second race did not go as planned either. Don’t worry, it gets better for them later. However, due to the almost-public nature of forum callouts, Underground Racing (never to miss an opportunity for what we’ll call “Theatre”) made a hilarious video documenting the outcome of that grudge race. Watch below before proceeding if you haven’t before.



This stirred up emotions and escalated not only the Trent vs. Bob rivalry, but even more so the UGR vs. DP rivalry. The situation is even more unique given that Dallas Performance and Underground Racing together make up the majority of the aftermarket shops that produce 4-digit horsepower Gallardos, R8s, Huracans, and Ferraris on a daily basis.

That was the status quo until the Shift-S3ctor Indy Airstrip Attack last weekend where Trent’s DP R8GT stole the R8 World Record in the half mile trap at 237mph.

The half mile trap is one of the only true methods we have to measure the net result of a certain car on a certain day with a certain driver. The only other, in fact, outside of a roll race (street racing not included). Compounding the eyebrow-raising nature of this performance is that the record was previously held by Sebastian Robles’ UGR built R8GT at 235mph- who WON the October Texas Invitational King of The Streets over both Bob and Trent.

Naturally, Dallas Performance capitalized on the opportunity to poke some lighthearted fun back at the UGR camp. In a brief Facebook post, DP released the following response video.



It’s a hilarious video that raises the stakes in this Rivalry while remaining lighthearted. However, keep your eyes peeled because sparks will fly at the upcoming October 2016 TI. Stay tuned.

What are your thoughts on Shop Rivalries? Which car do you think is ultimately faster?

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