Track & Airfield Insurance for your RaceCar / The Phoenix


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Racing is dangerous – mostly to your wallet. Until now, it has been extremely difficult to get the proper coverage for your racecar. Most insurance agencies can’t write on track insurance, and aren’t particularly great at even writing anything more specialized than a regular home and auto policy.  Most will also tell you that it’s impossible to cover a car when you are racing.

We here at NARA know that coverage for your car while racing is a concern, so we have sought out the experts in exotic car insurance – The Phoenix Insurance. The Phoenix Insurance agency is renowned for its customer service and client advocacy – and their flexibility. “If you can break it or burn it down, they can insure it.”

The Phoenix offers a few different types of policies to cover airfield racing competitors. If you are a serious racer attending many events in a year, they offer an annual on track physical damage policy for your car. Yes – they can cover your car while you are racing.  If time only allows you to attend one event a year, and you want to make sure your car is covered in the event of an on track accident, then they do offer an event policy that can cover your car for the entire airfield weekend.

Not concerned about damage when racing? They also offer agreed value policies on modern, modified exotic vehicles. Not every company can or will cover highly modified exotic cars – The Phoenix Insurance specialize in covering those types of cars, and have for years.

Call them or go online today to make sure your considerable investment is covered properly.  The Phoenix Insurance understand exactly what we do, and what your car means to you.

The Phoenix insurance is a specialty insurance agency renowned for their service. Well regarded in the exotic car community for years, they have recently been appointed as one of the few agencies in the US that writes on-track car insurance. These guys know cars,  and even more than that they know insurance. Racecars are special, they need special insurance. As the official insurance sponsor of the NARA, they are our first choice for race car protection.