T1 Race Develpment 2160HP-GTR pushing the limits for the Texas Invitational

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Last October AMS put a serious beating on all contenders at the Fall 2014 Texas Invitational.  Their signature shop car “Omega” has been the R&D platform setting several first time records in the GTR world, and ultimately proved what a 6 cylinder 3800lb car can do.  Since then, various shops in the high performance late model modifcation business have set their sites on Omega to take down the reigning King of the Street.  Tony Palo, owner of T1 Race Development, just threw down the gauntlet as he’s worked in secret wrapping up perhaps the most extreme GTR build yet. With front mount turbo’s peeking through the front air dam and the hood exit exhaust, this gnarly build tows the line between street car and race car.  But real winners say if you’re not pushing the limits then you don’t want it bad enough!  Check out Tony’s car making over 2100HP at the wheels on 53lbs of boost, and we think he has more in it…