Runway Rivalry III Is Here!


The first Dallas-area runway event of the 2016 season, Runway Rivalry III, is upon us. This weekend, members and friends of Dallas Racing will take over the Caddo Mills Municipal Airfield- usually reserved for the coveted Texas Invitational, for a more relaxed weekend of racing designed for racers who aren’t quite up to the challenge of TI.

The field is comprised of nearly 100 competitors ranging from 500-1200+hp. A quick glance at the roster promises a strong showing of the usual suspects (CTS-Vs, Corvettes, Mustangs, Bolt-On GT-Rs, etc) as well as a significant number of unique race cars not typically seen on the runway.

Class structure varies slightly from TexasInvitational rules in order to level the playing field for a wider variety of power levels and platforms. According to the Dallas Racing Forum- “There will not be a HP Limit at RRIII. On Saturday, the fastest 8 index qualifiers will be placed in the Unlimited Class. The next 16 qualifiers will be A-Class, with the next 16 making up the B-class, and the next 16 making up the C-class. The breakout speed will be set at +3mph of the fastest index speed for each class respectively. The only time a breakout speed will DQ someone is during competition. There will not be breakouts for the Sunday classes. Sunday classes will consist of: Top 8 Cadillac, top 8 V8, top 8 Viper, and top 8 AWD. The brackets will be built similar to NHRA brackets. Rd 1, fastest index will race slowest and so on.”

We will be covering the event from start to finish and our new apparel will be available for purchase on-site. Shirts and hats will be available here on the website in the next few days.

We look forward to seeing you there, and if you aren’t going to be out, subscribe on YouTube, follow the Instagram, and “Like” us on Facebook!