Runway Rivalry II Event Recap

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It was a fast and smooth two days of racing at the Caddo Mills airfield for Dallas Racing’s Runway Rivalry II.  The field was packed with a variety of over 90 cars ranging from old-school muscle-cars to late model exotics.  The opening Saturday morning consisted of a few rounds of open grudge sessions, where you can call out a friend or foe to pair up and see who’s got the faster ride.  Or for the newer folks bringing out a car for their first outing, there was plenty of time to test and tune in order to work out last minute kinks before the eliminations began.  The field was divided into two different classes based on speed index.  With a rolling start pacing at 60mph, each car makes a dead sprint to the finish once the light trips green, just like after the 3rd honk in a street race.  Depending on where the drivers are green lit, there’s a total of 1500-1600 feet to the finish.

TI grid

Saturday’s racing came to an end once the final four drivers from each class were narrowed down, only to reconvene Sunday morning.  The final class was reserved for the Sponsor vehicles who offer support through their contributions to the event and Dallas Racing.

A Class consisted of 36 racers set up in a single elimination style bracket with a breakout speed set to 168mph (which is equivalent to roughly 1000-1100whp depending on weight). The final pairings were: Mike Davis in his Dynosaur Performance built single turbo BDR Supra vs Andrew Oswald in his F1X Procharged Grand Sport; Bryan Pomeroy from Advanced Modern Performance with a Procharged Camaro vs Will Dugas in his typical maverick style build, a Gen 5 TA Viper with simple bolt-on’s and a 300 shot of nitrous!  Andrew ended up taking the A Champ trophy pulling past Bryan’s AMP’d Camaro in the finals.

IMG_7252-XL IMG_7780-XL IMG_7957-XL

The B Class had 36 racers as well with a breakout speed of 148mph.  While not quite the same excitement of high speed, the B Class resulted in several photo-finishes due to so many cars being closely matched.  The finals race came down to Alex in a Gen 4 Viper getting properly drug by Nick his supercharged Mustang.


The final Sponsor Shootout race came down between Vic Lao in his F1X powered Grand Sport Corvette by Advanced Modern Performance vs Jeremy in his Frankenstein VW Farfegnugen by Dynosaur Performance.  Vic came out victorious, but jokes aside don’t let that little Volkswagen fool you, that sucker trapped 200+ in the standing mile!



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