ETS Shop GT-R Snags New USA 1/4 Mile Record

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Extreme Turbo Systems out of Vancouver, Washington doesn’t carry the same brand identity that, say, T1 Race Development or AMS Performance does. Those who are tuned in to the Airfield Racing community or the GTR community may have heard the ETS name mentioned before, and they certainly have no shortage of presence at events.

The ETS Shop Car, an R35 GTR, has moved in and out of the shadows during the GTR horsepower race, occasionally grabbing a record here and there. Once again, they’re in the spotlight having made the USA GTR 1/4 record just a few hundredths shorter with a 7.32 at 196mph, reclaiming their title with nothing but a mere 58lbs of boost. Impressive no doubt, but we here on the left side of the pond have a little more work to do before the crown of the world champion will change hands.

Now, the ETS car is under the knife getting it’s next round of upgrades to hold 60lbs of boost, which is Alpha G and T1 territory.

Seeing the ETS GTR, the T1 shop car, the AMS-built Diamonds by Wire Racing “Alpha G”, and the new AMS Alpha Omega, it begs the question- where is the top for this nearly decade-old platform?

We don’t know, but we’re strapping into find out. Grab your popcorn.