Ekanoo Racing GTR – Setting The Record


2016 marks a special year for the R35 platform and GTR Enthusiasts alike. You’re likely familiar with T1 Race Development, AMS Alpha G, ETS, and DMS. Who you may not know about, though, is the first GTR record contender outside of the US- Ekanoo Racing. Earlier this year, they took the GTR 1/4 mile record with a 7.20 at over 200mph.

Utilizing a T1 Race motor, Ekanoo built their own GTR by hand in Bahrain and continue to make improvements. No word yet on whether or not the car will hit the runway, but right now, it’s full steam ahead for 6’s in the quarter for GTR’s, and Ekanoo may be the first to do it….

This is an excellent recap video of what it takes to build and race a car like this with the explicit goal of setting and keeping the record. Be sure to watch through the explanation of the car’s weight around the halfway mark before you start drawing your own conclusions. This is a serious build with no shortcuts or caveats. Pop in some headphones and turn it up loud for this one!