Calvo Motorsports and PPG Trans Prep for Texas Invitational 2016

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Pfitzner Performance Gearbox’s have been a recent game changer in the late model automotive world, especially when it comes to street driven racecars. Shops like Calvo Motorsports and Dallas Performance have fitted PPG’s sequential transmission technology into various platforms like Corvettes, Vipers, R8’s and Lamborghini’s. The driver gains more than one edge with the PPG enhancement, providing stronger internals to handle the power, shorter time between shifts, and the coveted “no-lift-shift” option to keep the engine at peak power and turbo’s (if equipped) at full boost throughout the pull. There will be a handful of heavy hitting cars packing a PPG punch at Texas Invitational this Spring!

Calvo Motorsports

PPG Inline Tremec Sequential Transmission